Key Industries for Hobart, Tasmania

Hobart has a unique position in Tasmania, responsible for driving the economy clear across this Australian state – attracting people not just from around Australia, but from around the world, to set up shop and establish economic roots here for the benefit of all.

With a population of just around 51,000 people working in Hobart proper, there are a number of diverse industries that have enjoyed extreme economic prosperity here. Employment is high across the board, as our educational opportunities, resulting in one of the most prosperous economies in this part of the world.

The healthcare industry in particular is quite healthy in Hobart, with just about 9300 individuals working in this sector alone. The public administration and safety industries have about 8000 people working in them, with 54,000 or so employees operating within the education and training sectors.

Hospitality and food services see another 4500+ employees added to the Hobart economy, with both the retail trade and professional/scientific and technical services sectors having just about 4500 employees working in them individually as well.

Of all the industries that operate within Hobart, the health and wellness industry has seen the most significant growth in just the last decade or so. Employment opportunities and employment levels have grown by nearly 25%, making this the top employer in the area.

The Royal Hobart Hospital is a major driver of this economic prosperity, with this industry alone accounting for nearly 18.6% of ALL of the workforce in Hobart today.

The public admin and governmental industries of Hobart are the second largest industries as far as employment is concerned. This makes a lot of sense, considering the fact that Hobart is the capital city as well as the seat of the state government here, with the parliament, ministry offices, and had offices for the majority of government agencies located in and around Hobart proper.

The economy continues to grow by leaps and bounds, thanks in large part to government policies very friendly to business development as well as relationships Hobart has established with other areas across Australian and regional partners throughout the world.