Business in Hobart Tasmania for Potential Business

If you’ve been thinking about opening up a new business in Hobart, Tasmania but aren’t quite sure of whether or not this is the right locale to set up shop, hopefully we are able to shine a little bit of light on top and give you a nudge in the right direction.

One of the most popular hotspots for tourism in all of Australia, Hobart has a working population of just over 51,000 people – with 70% of that workforce operating in professional, clerical, community/sales operations. The tourism industry is big business in Hobart, with another 18% of the working population focused predominantly on the trades. 12% operate in a managerial or executive position, rounding out the rest of the working community.

A community with a very strong history and tradition of work ethic, and the community that has always placed a premium on education, more than 30,000 students (including well over 5000 international students) live in Hobart – with 58% of those 15 years of age or older holding at least a bachelors degree.

You’ll have no trouble finding hard-working, educated, and eager people to fill out your ranks when you set up shop in Hobart, that’s for sure.

With a general resident population of about 50,000 or so, with another 172,000 people living outside of the Hobart municipal area (but spread across the greater Hobart region) you won’t want for customers. On top of that, nearly a million people visited Hobart in 2016 alone – and close to 150,000 cruise passengers come through the ports of Hobart on annual basis as well.

Thanks to the diligent work of the local government, Hobart has established international relationships with a number of nations throughout the region. Hobart has close ties to the Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and US markets. If your dreams of building a business in Hobart expand well beyond setting up shop locally, you will have every opportunity to do that here as well!