• Working from home and want to change your daily routine?
  • Want an office space that is right for you?
  • Want something within your budget?
  • You came to the right place…

There is nothing better than heading into work each day on your own terms. Office Space Hobart is a website dedicated to helping freelancers and business owners find their new office space within Hobart, Tasmania.


We are a small team dedicated to building relationships with people offering co-working spaces, hot desking opportunities and even dedicated desks for open plan and private offices.

What We Do


We know how frustrating it is searching online to find an office space, well we have done most of the leg work for you and offer a free service for arranging a list of office spaces within Hobart.


Many office spaces in Hobart are high in demand, however, there are still some out there that don’t have websites or information easily discovered by Google. We fill the gap where office space owners don’t spend time on websites or online marketing.

About Us

Making An Inquiry


Making an inquiry with us is super easy, and we only want to know what you’re looking for.


Office Space Hobart is setup as a network support hub and love to help people. By making an inquiry through us you’re putting yourself into a network circle that can potentially help you grow your business.


We do ask a few extra questions on our form, but that’s just to make sure we send you the right list of office spaces within Hobart.

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